Fabrizio Bosticco: President & CEO
Sumaya Faisal Alay: Executive Vice President & International Relation Coordinator
Yilmaz Erbagan: Tresaures
Leland Lerhman: Institutional Relation Coordinator
Giovanni Melchiorre: Secretary


HUMAN UNITEC INTERNATIONAL, INC. (HMNU) is a 2002 project finance, development, and asset management corporation, focused on medical and green energy projects, trading on Nasdaq OTCQC since 2009 with the symbol HMNU. ISIN Code: US44485L1052 CUSIP:44485L105

HMNU owns and controls:

⁃          100% of the assets and intellectual property acquired from MSK KINESIS CORP. (medical and wellness devices, exclusive commercial licence for Life science natural wellness products).

⁃          50% 9385-6516 Quebec Inc. (Naterra Biosolution Technology and Intellectual Property Rights, commercial subsidiary of HMNU in Canada, technical assistance & training for USA & CANADA of MSK KINESIS devices, technologies and therapies).

⁃          100% ENERGY SELCO SRL (Owner of large Romanian wind energy real estate assets with licenses and permits to build and operate up to 73 GW of wind energy).

⁃          100% GRONE  Technology (Intellectual Rights of waste management technologies and plastic and used tires recicling).

⁃          60% ARQUATA LOGISTIC SRL a strategic logistic site in north Italy with cargo train facility.

⁃          90% PUBLIDANT INVESTMENTS SRL a commercial and distribution branch located in MIlan Italy.

⁃          50% ECOSMART Tecnology intellectual right (revolutionary device for carbon emission reduction. The device is able to reclassify Euro1 and Euro 2 vehicles into Euro 4 and Euro 5 class vehicles and reduce consumption of gas and diesel).

⁃          Land in Tocco di Casauria (PS) with rural real estate, classified to optain permits and licenses to build 3GW of wind energy. This land is appraised at €1.5M.

⁃          Since 2017 HMNU is supporting the MSK Kinesis Foundation operating with ESANGO, at the UN in New York for the health human rights of abused women. The foundation counts two missions in Congo and Liberia where almost 950 people have been assisted with MSK Kinesis medical equipment.