Arquata Scrivia logistics site and company offers to all customers the facilities and services required for a complete “logistics chain”. Arquata Logistic Services structure is used to work with specific procedures for various commodities.


Storage of palletized goods and cargo

Storage of goods in “big bags”

Storage of bulk commodities

Distribution of goods in Italy and Europe

Custom Cleared simplified operations with dedicated staff

VGM Verified Gross Mass service with certified weighs

Loading into portable tanks

Handling of full and empty containers for Italian and foreign industries, exporters, importers, and rail and maritime transport companies

Filling and emptying containers from ground with access ramp to the warehouses (covered by a shelter)

Loading and unloading pallets through the block of the central flaps of our warehouse




Handling of bulk goods with a rubber bucket


Bag bagging and cutting operations


Container cleaning operations

Container repair with internal workshop and dedicated personnel

Containers and goods fumigation