UVC LED bars are a valid method of sanitization and disinfection for surfaces and environments, sanitization is carried out through the germicidal ultraviolet radiation process (UVGI) this is a method that uses UVC ultraviolet light with wavelengths included in the band between 280 and 100 nanometers, ensuring total germicidal and sterilizing efficacy.

The UVC LED Bars are suitable for sanitizing and disinfecting any surface and environment, the power of UVC rays sterilizes from any type of micro-organism, such as bacteria, viruses, spores and protozoa, the cause of various diseases in humans and animals, including COVID-19.

It is possible to use the UVC UV LED Bars when the rooms are empty, without the presence of people or animals, imagine when leaving the office or shop, we will turn off the normal lights to turn on the Germicidal UVC LED Bars.

You can choose UVC LED bars that act with sanitization and disinfection of a specific circumscribed area, think of a desk or work bench, or use larger LED bars that act on a large space, such as an entire room.

The UVC LED bars are a custom product, it is possible to customize the profile and length of the bar.

But what are germicidal UVC LEDs?

Germicidal ultraviolet radiation (UVGI – Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) is a sterilization method that uses ultraviolet (UV) light with wavelengths included in the UV-C band (between 280 and 100 nanometers).

UV rays are divided into 3 types UVA (320-400 nm), UVB (280-320 nm) and UVC (100-280 nm), each of hese frequency bands causes different reactions on living organisms. For Example, UVA is the main stimulator of our tan.

UVC rays are not tolerated by living beings, at the beginning of the last century the first experiments highlighted the antibacterial capacity of UVC ultraviolet.

Sufficient absorption of UVC rays by micro-organisms causes a destruction by photochemical reaction of DNA and RNA bonds, causing the death of the bacterial cell.

The wavelength of UVC rays that causes this sterilizing and antibacterial effect is harmful to humans, in fact our terrestrial atmosphere blocks this type of UV rays.

From these discoveries, UVC LED bars are born, with an antibacterial germicidal effect.

These types of LEDs are already used in various sectors, some hospitals use UVGI sanctification to sterilize and sanitize environments using a pioneering machine with UVC lamps to sanitize hospital rooms in just 5 minutes.

Several hundreds of bacteria and viruses tested to date over the years, including coronaviruses, respond to disinfection of UVC rays. UVC light kills at least two other close relatives of the COVID-19 virus: SARSCoV-1 (cause of SARS) and MERS-CoV (cause of Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome).

Where can the UVC LED Bars be used?


UVC LED bars are suitable for sanitizing various environments, you can apply them in small spaces, such as drawers, furniture, wardrobes, dressing rooms, or in entire rooms.

Here are some application examples:


OFFICES: to sterilize desks, work surfaces and environments;


  • to sterilize customers’ jackets, apply UVC LED Bars in the wardrobe;
  • to sterilize the work tools, insert the UVC LED Bars inside the drawers where the tools are contained,
  • to sterilize all environments, add the UVC LED bars to the salon lights;


Beauticians: to sterilize work surfaces and tools, as for hairdressers;

CLOTHING AND ACCESSORY STORES: to sterilize rooms and garments, apply the UVC LED Bars in a dressing room used for sterilization, after each test by a customer, the clothing will be sterilized in the appropriate dressing room;

HOUSES: to sterilize shoes and clothes, we can insert the UVC LED Bars in the shoe rack or in the closet, or to seterilize objects such as mobile phones or keys, we will insert the LED bars in a cabinet used for sterilization.

These are just some examples of application of UVC LED Bars. Contact us for more information, we will study together the solution that best suits your needs.

How are UVC LED Bars used?

As previously specified, UVC rays are not tolerated by living beings, in fact, their germicidal action depends precisely on the aggression on the cells of organisms, for this reason UVC LED bars must not be operated in the presence of people or animals.

We have devices for switching on the LED bars remotely or via sensors.

The UVC LED bars applied at a distance of 1 meter from the affected surface sanitize it with a total germicidal action within 20 minutes. The greater the application distance of the UVC LED bar from the surface we want to sanitize, the greater the time required for the total germicidal action.

For example, think of a room that we want to sanitize in which the UVC LED Bars are applied to the ceiling at a distance of 2-3 meters from the surfaces concerned, it will be necessary to leave the UVC LED Bars in action 3-4 hours for a total germicidal action.

If instead we imagine using a UVC LED bar inside a wardrobe or drawer or dressing room where we place the bar at a distance of 1 meter from the affected surface in 20 minutes, we will have total sanitization and disinfection with germicidal action.

The UVC LED bars collaborate in the sanitization of the surfaces but do not replace the hygiene and social distancing rules foreseen by the anti COVID-19 decrees.

In summary, here are the main features of the UVC LED Bars for sanitizing surfaces and environments:

  • totally sterilize a surface with germicidal action;
  • they can be customized, it is possible to select the profile and the preferred length of the bar;
  • they can be inserted in small spaces or entire rooms;