Human Unitec International, through its existing sales network of more than 40 sales active agents in Italy, reports its sales shall commence with approximately 120 devices of Ecosmart control units per month. The Ecosmart controls provides for proven lower fuel consumption and reduction of emissions. Human Unitec International also intends to begin marketing our applications in the United States. The Ecosmart devices that have an average sale price of €. 1.900,00 plus sales taxes and with a projection of a sale increase of around 14% will generate an average sales of around 238 devices per month, it is expected that the average sales turnover of only the Ecosmart devices for the reduction of consumption of gas and emissions will be approximately €. 2.720.800,00 plus applicable taxes, approximately €. 3.319.376,00 to €. 3.600.000,00 over the next calendar year on the Italian market. Human Unitec International management reported the sales of the other devices of the ECOSMART LAB platform, e.g. safety devises for children and for the other devises connected to safe and eco-sustainable driving, should generate additional income of approximately $ 3.400.000,00 in the next twelve months.s 2020.