The medical and wellness department of the Company offer cutting edge technology for medical and wellness treatments and  extremely efficace natural supplements for the treatments of respiratory and inflammatory problems caused by infection and uncontrolled virus.

Our mission is to become a global leader in innovative affordable recycling plants. The deployment of the GRONE plants will eliminate the necessity of landfills and at the same time produce the operator significant revenues and provide the community with clean natural energy.
We are extremely competitive on the global market, not just in terms of cost/ price but also on terms of tested technology.
We are now developing an important project to finance the realization and management of the small 10 tons plastic or tires recycling GRONE also in partnership with qualified operators.

MSK KINESIS Devices offer cutting edge technology for medical and wellness treatments that have been proven effective in France and Italy for over 14 years. Working exclusively with a founding MD in Italy, we have developed the technology and methods to improve a wide array of patients physical medical needs

MMSK KINESIS FOUNDATION (MSK) is a U.S.A. non profit Corporation organized under the Law of the State of Florida. MSK KINESIS FOUNDATION is member of ECOSOC United Nations New York as a non Governmental non profit Organization. MSK KINESIS FOUNDATION’S mission is to improve the quality of life…

9385-6516 Quebec Inc. is the Canadian affiliate of Human Unitec International, doing business as Human Unitec International Canada (HMNU CA). Since 2018 HMNU CA is manufacturing and commercializing the MSK KINESIS medical and wellness equipment. HMNU CA is providing training and technical assistance for the MSK KINESIS equipment..

In June 2016, Human Unitec completed the acquisition of four renewable energy projects in Rome, Italy. This projects includes the new technology, GRONE.

On January 2020 HMNU completed the acquisition of INDUSTRY ENERGY SELCO (SELCO) including but not limited to its assets and patents.



Human Unitec International announces substantial development of Grone contract and projects activity

Boston, Massachusetts, June 28, 2020: Human Unitec International, Inc., (OTC-HMNU) , is a Project Finance, development and assets management Corporation focused in sustainability, medical & wellness and green energy.
In June 2016, the Company acquired the intellectual property for the GRONE renewable energy technology. The Grone is a versatile waste sorting center that acts not only as a recycling center, but also as power plant aimed at eliminating the need for landfills.

Human Unitec International Medical Brands Completed Expansion in North America

Boston, Massachusetts–(Newsfile Corp. – May 11, 2020) – Human Unitec International (OTC PINK: HMNU) (“HMNU” or “the company”) is growing internationally with MSK Kinesis supplements. HMNU has acquired the exclusive commercial rights for United States, Canada and the e-commerce markets for the natural supplement based on AstaxanthinAstaxanthin is used for the treatment of respiratory and inflammatory problems caused by infections and uncontrolled viruses.